Contest :
(Participating Region: Hong Kong)
Differentiated contest for every level:
Eligibility: All P1-P6 and S1-S4 Hong Kong students
Groups: 8 groups: P1 / P2 / P3 / P4 / P5 / P6 / S1-2 / S3-4
Why should every school join the Asian English Usage Contest (Participating Region: Hong Kong)?
The Asian English Usage Contest is an English usage contest that not only stretches the brightest students but it is also aimed at instilling confidence of correct usage of English for all students. It is designed in a way to make every student love English again.
Individual and Team recognition and awards are up for grabs in the aspiration to be the best in Hong Kong.
Outstanding contestants awarded shall be nominated to join our Hong Kong Team Selection Programme. Eligible members shall take part in Asian open qualification events.
Features of the Elimination Round:

1.Free of Charge ¨C It welcomes all students who wants to challenge themselves.

2.Easy administration - It is the part of the Contest which is simple to run ¨C held in your own school.